Aryll Fae Musician, programmer, artist

-Aryll Fae (CC-BY-SA)

An Introduction to My Art:

All (100%) of my art is CC-BY-SA and freely accessible. This means that it can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes and can be freely downloaded from its source. I only ask that I be credited for any piece of work utilized.

Music - Made under the alias Artificial.Music (CC-BY-SA) 

Web Design - Made under the alias "SmartToaster" (Old, Unprofessional Alias) 

Paid hosting: - Aryll Fae 2015 - Aryll 'SmartToaster' Fae 2014

Unpaid hosting (WARNING: VERY UNPROFESSIONAL - linked below to show progression from then to now): - Aryll 'SmartToaster' Fae 2013 - Aryll 'SmartToaster' Fae 2012

Visual Art 

Logos by Aryll Fae