Aryll Fae Musician, programmer, artist

"Outer Limits"

- Aryll Fae (CC-BY-SA)

Let's begin with my name; 

What is your birth name?

My name is a little more complicated that it would seem. I go by Aryll Fae, but my birth and currently legal name is Fadil Ali. I'm currently going through the process of having my name legally changed, but I can't complete the process until I'm 18 years of age or older.

How is your desired name pronounced?

My name can be pronounced however you'd like, but I prefer:

"Ah-rill" and "Ary-elle" (the latter is akin to 'Ariel').

Why the name change?

Well, I am a transgender male-to-female individual. While my (currently legal) birth name is that of a male person, I prefer the feminine name "Aryll" because it symbolizes freedom, and "Fae" because it translates to "Fairy" which falls into that freedom symbol. The name Aryll Fae also holds much sentiment for me, so I have chosen it to be my desired legal name.

What is freedom?

For me, freedom is the ability to express myself as who I am. The society that surrounds me can fill me with melancholy because it constantly argues that my lifestyle is in some way wrong and that I shouldn't be allowed to live life as me. That is why freedom matters so much to me.

My age, profession and experience; 

I am currently 17 years of age (born on December 24th, 1998). I am currently unemployed but have experience in the music industry, computer technology, and a variety of technological-based studies.